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How the heck did you become a Realtor?

 Honestly, I wish I could say my real estate story was “planned”, but it actually happened unexpectedly. 

Looking back though, I guess there were signs as I always had an “interest” in real estate… even as a little girl where Sundays were spent in the backseat of my Parents car, driving around neighborhoods, visiting open houses, etc. What great memories  … and again, looking back, perhaps it was a glimpse into my future.  Maybe!

Fast forward to 2005 ….

Relocating to Northern Arizona I wondered what I wanted to do with my time having just shut down a successful youth hockey organization in the Phoenix area (yes, really lol). Once again, my love of beautiful homes rolled my thoughts forward to getting my license thinking meh, maybe I would help just my own family should we need to sell or buy next time around. I mean, why not, right?  Well, once obtaining my license, I sold my own home, and from there, interest in my services started to present themselves.  What started to become clear and noticed is that with every transaction I closed, what I would consistently hear from my Clients was that they loved my “service”, and they appreciated me putting THEIR needs first with every step taken. I guess I was a little confused in hearing this time and time again … I mean, isn’t that what every Realtor does..or should do? Put their Clients first?

Well, 14+ years later, and working both the Phoenix area market & Northern Arizona, I am proud to say that it’s that same approach, that same mindset of “service” vs “sales” that has kept me productive, successful, and with repeat business from clients through the years.  I STILL truly love what I do, I’ve never forgotten where I started – and I believe that has been the key to my longevity in this industry.

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